Mercedes-Benz | Marco Polo

Mercedes Benz - Marco


Campaign concept and direction for the stylish and modern Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo Camper.

The Mercedes Benz piece was created to tell a story to consumers: persuade the mind to attempt the unthinkable, while making the car the vehicle to achieve the goal. Stickycontent creation puts a mark in the consumer’s mind--feeling relatable and bringing life to a brand, leaving the consumers to yearn for what's next. The Mercedes Benz content piece showcases the parallel between the Marco Polo and world-class mountain runner Killian Journet. Each piece of the story comes from the capabilities of Mercedes automotive and its relation to man: both are fearless when taking on the world. After garnering over 50K likes on the day of release, more content is currently being produced in a partnership with Mercedes Benz--from conception to seeing the vision through as a final directed spot.