Best Content Marketing Award Winner | Mercedes Benz | Marco Polo

At OAP, we had the pleasure of working with Kilian Jornet to create an amazing branded-content film that feels like a personal diary in motion. It's so authentic and natural, you can't help but be captivated by it. He shares his daily challenges in his native language while showcasing the incredible Marco Polo, creating a seamless blend of personal storytelling and product promotion. The aim of the project was to introduce the all-wheel-drive version of the Marco Polo to the relevant audience, and we knew that using Jornet as an influencer would be a great strategy. And boy, were we right! The video achieved incredible reach on Mercedes-Benz's social media channels, with almost 200,000 users streaming it on YouTube and Facebook alone. We're thrilled that our work resonated with so many people and helped to promote such an awesome product.


  • Best of Content Marketing