Stretch and Bobbito | Radio That Changed Lives

Stretch and Bobbito is a feature film that tells the story of a unique friendship between two guys from two different worlds that changed the industry with their love and passion for hip hop. During the 1990s the duo started their own radio show, The Stretch and Bobbito Show, which brought underground hip hop artists, such as NAS, Biggie, Wu-Tang, Big Pun, Jay Z, Eminem and many others to the main stage. The total record sales for all of the artists that premiered on the show exceeded 300 million. They created a loyal fan base that listened not only for the music, but the camaraderie of the pair. The film has globally premiered, and is ranked 19th on iTunes, next to Man on a Wire. As the lead producer, Omar conceptualized the entire project—from the raw originality of the story, to pulling of these voices together, to bringing his vision through from start to finish.

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